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  Global warming and clouds
  Cloud coverage effects temperature 100 times more than carbon dioxide.
Global warming makes some people a lot of money

A lot of money is made scaring people into thinking the world is going to drown.

Global warming and Volcanoes

Volcanoes have been known to cool Earth's atmosphere for years.

    Global warming not because of Hummers
  Don't feel so guilty about driving a Hummer, your helping plant life.
How to really get a home
Global Warming Lies

Do you think Global Warming will destroy the planet? Lets take a closer look at the facts.

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"Scientists ponder why world's climate is changing; A major cooling widely considered to be Inevitable" New York Times 1975

"The earth is crashing and Global Warming is to blame" Time magazine 2006


Before I get accused of watering my lawn with motor oil donated by Exxon or that I want to bury nuclear waste in school yards let me tell you a little about me (The owner). I believe we need to take care of this great planet we live on. I recycle as often as I can, I drive a vehicle that gets 30/35 mpg. I believe we should strive for energy that is clean and effecient. I plan on having my home run completely off solar and wind power some day. Of course this is also because I believe in being as independent as possible.

I use to believe global warming was going to melt the ice caps and we were going to drown. However I started noticing and thinking about little things. Why did they always say 1998 or 2005 were the hottest years on "record"? And I knew there use to be an Ice Age, after all everyone has seen the movie. So I started doing a little research and one thing led to another. I started finding out the earth heats up and cools down, and has done so as long as the earth has been around.  

The reason this site was made is because all you hear about is how global warming is going to destroy the earth. This just isn't the case, in fact it's the opposite! Science and history have proven that more food is produced in a warmer climate. There are already millions of people who die a slow death every day from starvation and malnutrition. If it weren't for the CO2 increase and slightly warmer temperatures there would be more. What do I ask? All I ask is to ask yourself if this makes sense, if it's logical please let others know. Billions and billions of dollars every year are spent trying to stop something that thousands of scientists say is good for out planet and necessary.


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