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Global warming and hurricanes  

The most intense hurricanes happened between 1900-1950

Global Warming Lies

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How long the current cooling trend continues is one of the most important problems of our civilization. Nov. 15, 1969, “Science News”

Time is running out for action on global warming 1994 GreenPeace


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More Facts


February of 1992 the Gallup Organization polled members of the American Geophysical Union and American Meteorological Society, the two professional groups for climatologists. Only 17 percent said warming trends so far convinced them that an artificial greenhouse effect was in progress.

Only 13 percent of the scientists responding to a survey conducted by the environmental organization Greenpeace believe catastrophic climate change will result from continuing current patterns of energy use.


The eruption of volcano Tambora in Indonesia in 1815 caused the "Year Without Summer" becaue of global cooling. Due to the destruction of crops, disease, contamination of water, etc., tens of thousands more died in the next few following years.(once again global warming is better then global cooling)

In 1991 Volcano Pinatubo caused the entire earth to cool by 1/2 degree for over one year.

The doomsday hurricanes of 2006 global warming alarmists were predicting and hoping for never happened. Infact it was a relatively slow year.

2007 is also predicted to be a busy year for hurricanes. If you predict it every year you have to eventually be right.

"Records" for hurricanes will always be broken because we have only kept "records" for about 100 years.


global warming and global cooling
  Is it Global Cooling or Global Warming, I wish they'd make up their minds.  
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